Cajun Ghost Stories
    Cajun Ghost Stories is a thoroughly entertaining round of ghost stories in the tradition of Cajun and southern ghost lore.
    Renown for her contemporary telling of traditional and original ghost stories, Reneaux explores timeless themes in her tales of pirate curses, swamp creatures and bayou spirits.  Eerie slide guitar and sound effects by guitarist Mark Maxwell provide a mysterious backdrop for Reneaux's stories.
    Suspense, surprise and humor are the tools of this master storyteller.
Audio cassette/68 minutes. Ages 8 and up.

Winner of the Parent's Choice Gold Award

  Cajun Folk Tales
    J.J. Reneaux tells selected folktales from her award-winning book in this lively recording for all ages. Her music and stories bring to life the mystery and joie de vivre (joy of living) of the Louisiana bayou country. Cajun, Native and African American cultures blend together in these unique tales of rascals, tricksters, heroes and heroines.
    Drawn from J.J.'s own heritage, this story gumbo is served up with music, heart and humor.
All ages.   Audio cassette/57 minutes.
    "J.J. is acclaimed for the authenticity of her stories, the charm of her accent and the energy of her performance."
            --Jimmy Neil Smith,
            National Storytelling Festival

    Wake, Snake!
    J.J. Reneaux's first recording for young children ages 3 - 8 is a delightful multicultural collection of traditional and original songs and stories of the South.     Guitar,  banjo,  fiddle  and  mandolin accompany J.J. on songs that set the mood for stories that range from funny trickster folktales
and true growing up stories to slightly spooky
tales and thoughtful myths.
    J.J. draws music and stories from the traditional cultures of the deep South:  Native-American, African-American, Cajun, Creole and Scotch
-Irish-German Americans. Hand clapping rhythms, jumprope rhymes, traditional children's songs and J.J.'s lively original songs are sure to please the young in years, as well as the young in heart.
                                     90 minute cassette. $12.00
Internet, credit card and check orders:
        August House publishers: or
Telephone 1 (800) 284 ~ 8784. (J.J. Reneaux)

  Cajun Fairy Tales
    Traditional Cajun stories of enchantment, mystery and humor with a New World twist. European,  African  and  Native American cultures meet in these tales of feisty heroines and tricksters.
    Unique stories like Marie Jolie, The Magic Gifts and Why Grease Lives in the Kitchen trace the journey of cultures across time and distance, illustrating the makings of the American melting pot.
    A recording for all ages, these fairytales are ageless and multi-layered with emotional depth,  life experience and  delightful wit.
Audio cassette/60 minutes.

    "Ms Reneaux weaves her tales gently as she draws the audio listeners in, then catches them off-guard and surprises them."
        --AUDIO WORLD

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