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News and Views -- Spring 1999

Like the spring daffodils, a new storytelling group is growing in Athens, GA. The New Moon Storytellers began with a few folks who were students in my storytelling class. Now, they are coming together to create service projects for the community and to further their own storytelling skills. For those in the Atlanta/Athens and NE GA area, please contact jj@jjreneaux.com for more info.

Zen moment: The Rev. Jerry Falwell has come out against Teletubbies, the latest childrens' program from PBS. If you haven't seen them, Teletubbies are cute baby-like creatures dressed in little sleeper outfits with hoods. They have various geometric shapes on their heads. They are kind, gentle and sweet. Young children love them. But Jerry Falwell says that one of the creatures promotes a gay lifestyle. His reasons? This Teletubbie wears purple, carries something that looks like a purse AND has a triangle on its head. Hmmmm. Interesting hypothesis, Reverend. I can't help but wonder why Mr. Falwell is so "in the know" in spotting homosexuality. Also, I wonder which bothers him and his kind more -- Teletubbies corrupting our toddlers morals or independent public television which he and is movement have long tried to control and destroy. I have concluded that if Mr. Falwell was represented by a Teletubbie, it would be yellow, the traditional color associated with fear. And, it would wear a symbol of a broken heart, to remind us that hate and predjudice sickens the soul and kills the human spirit. Mr. Falwell should spend less time watching childrens television and more time reading the words of Christ: Love thy neighbor. Its pure and simple. Kind of like the Teletubbies.

Them Girls (Tess Celina and JJ Reneaux) will be finishing a new music recording. The girls have got it going on with their southern DNA mama and daughter harmonies. The collection of 12 original and cover songs is sounding great and should please anyone who enjoys adult contemporary music. Master guitarist John Ferguson struts his stuff on this album in some great roots guitar that draws on the musical traditions of the American South: Blues, rock, gospel, country and jazz. Watch for details on the upcoming release of If Only in Dreams.

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