Music CD
Cajun, Country & Blue
by  J.J. Reneaux

     J.J. Reneaux and The Mojos perform twelve original and cover songs in this contemporary collection of spicy Cajun, Country, Blues and Ballads. Reneaux breathes new life into old tunes, and roots her original music in the traditional fiddle, accordion, piano and guitar styles of her native Deep South.
     In songs that evoke the land and the people, Reneaux's soulful voice takes the listener on a journey through the swamps and down the rivers and highways to backwoods dancehalls, small town blues and big city longing.
     An eclectic acoustic recording by one of America's favorite storyteller-singer- songwriters. 55 minutes. $15.00

To order send check or money order to: J.J. Reneaux, POB 7782, Athens, GA 30604,  or via the Internet: Brambus records Home Page,  click here .

     THEM GIRLS, J.J. Reneaux and daughter Celina are singing up a storm in If Only in Dreams, their first release together. Third and fourth generation country and blues singers, Momma J and Celina have got a rocking little duo going on. This collection serves up a soulful set of 11 songs including 10 of JJ's most requested originals and a cover of Clifton Chenier's It's My Soul. Master guitarist John Boy Ferguson adds his awesome licks to these Blues, Ballads, and Alternative Country songs that explore both the destructive and redemptive qualities of love. A special offer to J.J.'s friends, fans and bill collectors: Order If Only in Dreams now, for only $12.75, and save 15%. CD will arrive in Nov. Send checks or money order (sorry, no direct order--yet) to: J.J. Reneaux, POB 7782, Athens, GA 30604, USA

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