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Community concert and workshop.

Prince Edward Island, Canada.

June 9-13

  Contact Nils Ling, nilbo@isn.net

New Orleans area performances

New Orleans area performances

June 23-25

  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com

Performance and book signing.

New Orleans. American Library Association

June 26-27

  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com


July: JJ on vacation y'all!


  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com

Storytelling & Music Festival

New Salem, IL.

August 6-8

  Contact Mike Anderson, mworks@fgi.net

Children's performances

North GA libraries

August 9-12

  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

Orem, UT

August 25-28

  Contact: Janet Low, jlow@ci.orem.ut.us or jj@jjreneaux.com

Music in the Park Festival

Columbus, NC.

September 4

  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com

Storytelling Festival

Prince Edward Island, Canada

September 16-20

  Contact Nils Ling, nilbo@isn.net

Author's retreat and various performances

Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia.

Sept.20 -Oct. 1

  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com

Maine Schools tour and community performances


Oct. 3-8

  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com

Cherokee Rose Festival. Children's and adult performances.

Carrollton, GA.

Oct. 13-16

  Contact: Delores Covel, cparksrec@mindspring.com

Storytelling Festival.

Lake Charles, LA.

Oct. 22-23

  Contact Mary Lecompte, mlecom3892@aol.com

Schools and community performances,Various venues and sites.

Ventura County, CA

Oct. 24-31

  Contact: jj@jjreneaux.com

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