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Cajun Folk Tales...A classic collection of twenty-seven folktales that will delight readers of all ages.  Animal stories, humor, ghostlore and unique fairytales are drawn the from the Cajun people of South Louisiana and reflect their experiences in the New World as well as the Native and African cultures which influenced them. Each story contains an introduction and a Cajun language glossary is supplied to assist the reader in translating Cajun keywords.  A winning celebration of J.J. Reneaux's native Cajun culture.  Available in hard bound or soft cover.

  "Reneaux fairly pops and sizzles with beaucoup wit and joie de vivre."...
  Library Journal

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  • Why Alligator Hates Dog

    Why Alligator Hates Dog...In the Cajun country of Louisiana, Alligator is king of all the swamps...King to everyone, that is, except sassy old Dog.

    Storyteller J.J. Reneaux's lyrical rendering of this old folktale explains how the feud between Alligator and Dog got started in the first place.    When Alligator finally corners Dog in his swamphole, he falls for the oldest trick in the book.   Next time, he promises, he'll get that dog for sure.   But will he?
    Reneaux's story entertains as it gently explores childhood fears and troubles. Anyone who has ever struggled with a bully will appreciate M'su Cocodree the Alligator and his peaceful but tricky tips for dealing with bullies! Hardback/32 pages. Ages 3-7

            Winner of the Aesop Accolade Award.

    Donnie Lee Green's rich acrylic paintings conjure the mists and seclusion
    of South Louisiana, where M'su Cocodree is still the King of the Swamp.
                    August House publishers, Inc.                          Jacket illustration
                    Little Rock                                                        by Donnie Lee Green ©1995

    Haunted Bayou...Reneaux's chilling but playful tales are rooted in traditional ghost lore and Cajun superstition. Set in the bayous and swamps of the South Louisiana heartland, Reneaux's stories explores timeless themes of good versus evil and modern day culture clash through suspense and humor.  The Werewolf Bridegroom, The Ghost of Jean Laffitte and Madame Longfingers are just a few of the unforgettable characters that populate Reneaux's mysterious literary landscape. A collection of original ghostlore for ages 12 and up.

    Named Best New Book for New Adult Readers by the
    American Public Library Association.

    Available in soft cover and hard bound editions.

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